Ideas for an Empty Room


Do you have an unused room at home ?. Well, learn good ideas to know what to do with this space and take advantage of it for new activities.

Ideas for an Empty Room

What to do with an empty room?

Your son moved to college or his new home, perhaps dismantled an old office, or you just have an unused space at home, and you’re looking for good ideas to do with an empty room. Well, this article is for you !. Take note of these proposals, and adapt them to your needs or your personal tastes.

A guest room

Perhaps the first idea that comes to mind is to create a host of guests. If you usually receive visitors, having a place for the guests can give much practicality for your holidays and vacations.

It is best to have two single beds that can be placed together for when you receive couples or stay apart if you get friends. Have two sets of sheets and blankets exclusive to this bed, add a table or a support surface, storage space, two chairs, a lamp on the bedside table, and complements with other comfort items such as a small library with books , A TV, a music player, a hair dryer or whatever you want.

If you receive guests regularly, you may want to supplement them with a coffee maker, stationery in case you would like to take notes, chargers for mobiles or other devices, extra coats if the weather demands, towels and sanitary items, or what you consider appropriate For your visitors.

6 ideas for using an empty room

In addition to a place to receive guests, there are many other ideas that can inspire you to decorate an empty room. Consider these proposals and adapt them to your liking:

1. Health Study: If you practice Yoga, Pilates, do exercises in the house or carry out any welfare activity, create your study of serenity and fullness. Put rugs, blankets, cushions, candles to light, a music player if you need it, and a climate control to create the perfect atmosphere in your meditation room, Yoga or whatever.

2. Laundry: Although normally the washing machine is in a specific place, as it needs water and electric connections, you can take advantage of that room without furnishing to create your laundry. Install waterproof self-adhesive vinyl floor, and place portable clothesline above, near the window. Place the ironer, sewing machine or sewing machine, and create a space to accomplish those tasks much easier.

3. Nursery: Do you have a baby on the way (you or someone close to you)? Do you usually take care of the little ones in your neighborhood or your friends? Create a great nursery with a crib, a small bed, a fluffy chair, games for the little ones, and all the elements that you use when you take care of your grandchildren or nephews, such as a diaper bag, changer, or whatever.

4. Workroom: If you do not know what to do with an empty room that has just opened in your home, keep in mind your hobbies and occupations. You can create your sewing room, wrapping presents, a workshop in the house, a workshop for your art, a mini photo studio, a rehearsal room for your music, an interior garden or bonsai, or whatever you want of happiness.

5. A home office: For when you take your work home, or if you want to start a new independent activity. Set up a home office by placing a table with a chair, storage space, the necessary technology, materials and implements to carry out your work, modify the lighting to what you need, and put there all the papers to carry out your occupation.

“If you are going to create a guest room, it is best to have two single beds that can be put together for when you get married or separated if you get friends.”

“A good idea to use an empty room is to turn it into your dressing room.”

6. Dressing room: Finally, the good idea is to turn it into your dressing room. Add wall furniture, a full-length mirror, a makeup table or a dresser with your accessories, and when you leave the bathroom daily go directly there to dress with much more comfort and satisfaction.

With these ideas, you have undoubtedly found the inspiration to know what to do with an empty room and optimize every inch of your home.


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