Ideas for Decorating with Plants


Looking for an easy way to set any space? Nothing better than giving life to your environments by placing plants in the corners. Follow these tips to find out how.

How to Decorate the House with Plants

Decorating with plants may be one of the simplest and most economical resources at our fingertips. The plants harmonize, energize, clean the air we breathe, and only ask us for a few easy care to give, such as watering and a little light.

But it is not a matter of filling our green environments without considering which ones will benefit from each condition: we must know where to locate them, what to give them, and how to make the most of their benefits. And in this note, you will know!


Decoration according to the types of plants

Speaking without technicalities and in general terms, we can distinguish the plants for the home in four “categories”: the succulents, the dwarfs (bonsái), the climbers and the flower pot, which may or may not be hanging. Also, each may be a flowering plant or a single green species.

Dwarves invite introspection and require special attention. They are ideal for minimalist environments and for people who can devote a lot of attention to them, especially in the training phase (remember that bonsai are “creating” stunting their growth).

Succulents retain water in their leaves and stems, so they need less care. Their bulging form is related to abundance, and they tend to be seen both indoors and outdoors, although thorns (including cactus ) will have a better location outdoors and in work areas.

For their part, climbers or vines need large space, with surfaces to cover, so they should be placed outside and away from other plants. Potted plants, especially pendants, are more versatile in location, and you just have to pay attention to your requirements of light, watering, and nutrition so that they thrive and brighten up any space in your home.

Green plants can be hanging or growing vertically, and have elongated or rounded leaves. The pointed leaves are more suitable for the outside and not for the familiar environments because they are emitters of deep and often hostile energies. In contrast, the rounded leaves are softer for the interior, and many varieties are also shade, which makes them ideal for interiors.


Decoration with plants according to the color of their flowers

The flower plants can be combined with the color of their pots, the decoration of the environment or the exterior. The Feng Shui recommends the best location according to the color of its flowers:

  • Red, orange, yellow and fuchsia are more suitable for the North, Northwest and Southeast sectors of the home.
  • The violets, lilacs, celestial and blue go better in the East sector of the environment or the house.
  • White and pastel shades (orange, pink, light yellow) will be more suitable for the Southwest and West flowers, of the house or room.
  • Those with green flowers, clear celestial and some white will also be more appropriate for the Northeast and South sectors.


6 tips to decorate with plants

Here are some recommendations for decorating the house with plants:

1. In the bathroom, the laundry and other somewhat obscure, dark and often damp areas, look and enjoy bamboo stems, and also some varieties of ferns.

2. In the kitchen, there is nothing better than to take advantage of plants that promote love and improve family relationships, such as African violet, water plants, and supplements with protective herbs if you have openings or windows there.

3. In the living room and family room choose plants and flowers that transmit Yang energy, such as the dollar, water stick, federal star, potus, begonias and some more.

4. In windows, balconies and other openings or connections between the interior and exterior prefer protective plants and clean the air, such as cactus, succulents, and herbs such as basil, thyme and mint. Be sure to place a beautiful living plant by the front door to your home, to attract the positive energies.

5. In the corridors, hallways, stairs and other sectors and somewhat elongated enclosed, low light, exploits the properties of ferns, philodendron, and ficus, to give joy and encourage the flow of energy.

6. In the dorms, it is said that we should not have plants, at the risk of being taken off oxygen at night. Contrary to this belief, the rooms will give you joy and energy, especially if you place them near a window and if they are green, like ferns, or flowers like an Alpine Violet.

These tips will be useful to decorate the house with plants and flowers , taking advantage of their properties and giving joy, color and life to any space in your home.


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