Ideas for Reusing Old Clothes


A key to saving is to take advantage of everything you do not have, and if there are garments accumulated in the bottom of the wardrobe, take them with these ideas.

How to recover unused clothing

We often talk about how you can sell the clothes you no longer use, to turn them into a small income that enhances your savings. It is a great solution, but you can only apply it when it is in good condition, with no patches to be made, clean and usable. But when they have suffered stains or breaks, we do not know what to do with them.

The first thing we do when we damage or irreparably dirty a garment, is to leave it as “work clothes” for when we do gardening, painting or other tasks that often soil it. If it has broken and is uncomfortable, we also usually break it into smaller stretches, and allocate these cuts for cleaning rags on multiple surfaces of the home.

But there is a way to recover them to boost our savings. For example, remove your sleeves and cuffs to create useful shopping bags. They are very easy to do: you only need to have a somewhat spacious rectangle (or two squares), create a fold on one side on both sides (or both ends of the rectangle), face upright and sew well, stitch reinforced Or two sewing passes, on the other three sides. Add some straps, and you’ll have useful shopping bags that you can use to reduce your footprint in the environment, or sell in your store at a very low price, to encourage others to do the same for the environment.

Other ideas for retrieving clothes

What you do will depend on your needs and your abilities. For example, cut small squares from unrecoverable garments for use, to make them the visible part of a warm blanket for your bed, with an eclectic look. Use the parts that do not serve to fill cushions, and create covers with useful parts. Another idea is to make eye-catching curtains, kitchen aprons or little paints to protect your children’s clothes at school, in their art classes.

There are many things you can achieve from old and dirty clothes, to use at home without having to buy those items, or that you can sell at attractive prices that boost your savings and give you that delight of not missing anything at all. Saving and satisfaction, simply using needle, thread and scissors!


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