Laxative for Weight Loss And Adverse Effects of Using Laxatives to Lose Weight


Laxatives for weight loss: The most recommended. Laxatives have become a supplement to lose weight, although they should be taken in moderation, as they may involve some risk, rather than as substitutes for food. Which is the most recommended?

What are the most recommended laxatives for weight loss? Laxatives have become a supplement for weight loss, although its consumption should be done sparingly since, on the one hand, its function is to activate the gut and, secondly if resorted to laxatives artificial, like all drugs, Can have side effects if not properly administered or abused. At the outset, it should be clarified that laxatives help us to lose fluid, not fat, so it is important to control when and how they are taken to avoid risks, such as possible dehydration or loss of water balance of the body.

Laxatives should be used as a supplement, not as a substitute for food. Weight loss is not only a question of reducing the number of calories, but also of revising our eating habits since on more than one occasion carrying an unbalanced diet is precisely the cause of excess weight. Laxatives may be an ally, but if not taken with caution can also have the opposite effect, since ultimately its function is to accelerate the bowel. Also, if we resort too often to laxatives our body will eventually become accustomed. The most advisable, besides consulting the doctor or specialist, is to opt for the most natural laxatives, herbs,

Teas and infusions

The boldo is a plant that is attributed diuretic effects and antioxidants. An aromatic drink that can be taken before or after meals (encourages digestion). Similarly, the sen leaves have a cleansing effect, a feature that turns the tea leaves of sen into a good ally to help us lose weight. This tea is attributed a laxative effect, thanks to its content in flavonoids or mucilages. It is advisable to take two cups of this infusion daily.

The rosehip fruit – widely used in beauty products and skin treatments – can also be a complement to our diet. It contains, among other components, vitamins and tannins. With its leaves, you can prepare a green rosehip tea. It has a laxative, diuretic and stimulant effect, while being a good antioxidant.
Natural laxatives
All foods with fiber – fruits, vegetables, vegetables – allow the definition of laxatives, since fiber (soluble and insoluble) helps regulate intestinal function. This type of laxatives, in addition to helping our intestines, also helps us to lose weight in a natural way. Foods like pineapple, the apple, the tomato, the plums, the blueberries or coffee.

Pros and cons of laxatives

The use of laxatives can reduce the feeling of heaviness and swelling, but can also increase fluid loss. Both the diet we follow and hydration play a key role since laxatives can favor the loss of minerals (potassium, sodium), water-soluble vitamins and cause rebound, constipation, and intestinal flora problems.

Laxatives have become one of many alternatives to lose weight fast, but taking this route to eliminate overweight can have many consequences and serious sequelae in the body. Below are 4 adverse effects of using laxatives to lose weight .

1. The first thing to understand about using laxatives is that while they can help digest food a little faster than normal, using them on a regular basis will really cause you a lot of pain. Avoid using laxatives to lose weight, unless you want to suffer a lot of pain.

2. Poor diet intake from absurd diets can cause constipation, causing many people to use laxatives as a co-payer in weight loss. If you suffer from constipation avoid using laxatives, there are other methods to improve the functioning of the intestines and relieve tension as such. Drinking lots and lots of drinking water is the most natural way to relieve constipation. Drink water before meals and after eating, and at least eight glasses a day. Add more fiber-rich foods to your diet as they help accelerate bowel movement.

3. If you are taking any type of medication today, laxatives can actually make your medication less effective. In many cases you can eliminate the full effect of the medications, which you are supposed to take for some reason. This is a great reason to avoid unreasonable use of laxatives.

4. The only thing you will lose by taking laxatives is water and body fluids. You will definitely not lose fat if you take laxatives to lose weight. To get a leaner body and lose weight, it is necessary to burn the accumulated fat and not lose body fluids. Taking laxatives can actually make your body dehydrate. These collect water from your body and then pass through the bowel movements. When this happens, your body will lose all water and dehydrate you.

If you use laxatives to lose weight you may feel lighter, making you believe that they actually work, but you have not really lost any fat, which is indicated for weight loss. Finally, when your body dehydrates through the use of laxatives your body will start storing water in order to survive. Better known as fluid retention, this will make you feel bloated and you will gain weight.

The truth is that if you take laxatives to lose weight, you will actually end up weighing more. Avoid taking them at all costs because not only will you end up with more weight, you could also have a detrimental effect on your overall health.


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