Red Bilberry Detox Juice


The natural blueberry water is a refreshing detox juice to lose weight, add nutrients and receive many benefits. Learn how to prepare it at home with this easy recipe.

How to Make Blueberry Water

Benefits of Cranberry Water

The water blueberry is one of those wonders that often we seem revelatory but indeed exists in our world for a very long time. It is an easy juice to prepare, full of goodness to invite you. You will add health and flavor, in a refreshing compound ideal for cleaning your body and encourage your efforts in any diet to burn fat and lose weight.

This detox drink with blueberries helps us burn fat, eliminate fluid retention, and reduce swelling and internal inflammation. It also collaborates in the process of digestion, relieving the whole digestive tract, and even prevents stomach and urinary infections. Also, it helps to reduce the liver and gives us a healthy supply of antioxidants to prevent the damage of free radicals, which cause premature aging.

This juice is full of enzymes, flavonoids, organic acids (like citric, malic and quinic acids), it has an emulsifying effect on the fat accumulated in the lymphatic system, and even helps us fight cellulite and fatty deposits!

Blueberry water recipe

The simplest way to make blueberry juice naturally is based on pure juice, without preservatives or artificial ingredients, preferably organic. Make sure it is 100% fruit, with no additives, sweeteners or preservatives, and check that in the ingredient list you find nothing strange. Also, it is best if they come from good agricultural practices, classified as organic.

To make this blueberry water, it is enough to mix 1 part juice for every 6-7 parts of pure or filtered water. Do not use the tap, which is usually supplemented with fluoride, sodium and other ingredients unsuitable for this purpose.

As soon as you make the mix, you can consume it. Keep the rest of the preparation in a glass jar or bottle, inside the refrigerator. If you’re going to take it with you (to the office, to the gym, or anywhere), it’s always best if you pack it in a sealed container, free of PBAs, or just refrigerate it inside conservative bottles to keep it fresh. Remember that it contains pure fruit juice, so it is not a good idea to let it take too much temperature, as it would alter its composition.

When it comes to consumption, you will notice that this juice of red cranberries does not have as much flavor as its strong color might indicate. It is a barely flavored drink, with a mild acid. You can enjoy up to 4 glasses per day, and to take advantage of all its benefits, you can combine them with other detox waters of the different flavor.


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