Security Codes for Android You Need To Know


It never hurts to know a few tricks to increase the security of your mobile. These codes are no secret, but they can reveal important information!

Security Codes for Android

Security Codes for Smartphones

Are you looking to raise your security for Android? You may have noticed some strange ‘behavior’ on your Smartphone, or you’re just curious: in any case, here are some very useful codes. Just write them down as if you’re dialing a new phone number, and pay attention to the information you’ll see on the screen. Take note!

Information and Security for Android

Take your mobile phone and write these codes as you will see below, to know the information that will reveal:

* # 21 # (Call Forwarding): Calls, messages and other information (including personal data, private photos, or financial information) may be diverted to another destination without your knowledge. Often parents put this diversion into operation because of their children’s safety, which can be very useful and should not deactivate the function in this case, although in other cases this option appears “mysteriously” when purchasing phones from sources Unreliable, when you return from a technical service, and even when we leave it forgotten in someone’s house, in the office, or other places. Write this code and find out.

* # 62 # (Destination of derivations): As in the previous case, when calls, messages, and content are being derived, this code will allow you to know the destination.

## 002 # (avoid redirects): Often redirects are not due to bad intentions but to functions of the service operator. If you do not want any diversion or redirection, enter this code to stop it. Note that automatic voicemail and roaming services can be stopped with this code.

* # 06 # (locate the device): Apart from the SIM cards and the service provider, each device has its IMEI code that you can know by entering these characters. So, if for some reason you want to disable the device or try to locate it through your manufacturer company, you must know the IMEI code that is shown on the screen to inform the entity.

Netmonitor, a tracking and tracing system

The Netmonitor function is somewhat more advanced and can be useful to know which station you are using to get your service, choose them based on which allows a stronger signal, or also locate your mobile (in case You forget it somewhere, for example) through the reception of the service. To do this, enter this code and follow the instructions:

Type * # * # 4636 # * # *  or  * # * # 197328640 # * # * And, on the screen you will see later, go to the UMTS Cell Environment section, from there go to UMTS RR info, and note the numbers Identified as Cell ID / Cell ID. These are the stations closest to where you are, and to which your mobile can connect.

If you do not have Android, the code for iPhone is * 3001 # 12345 # *

Go back to the previous menu and go to MM info, and there to Serving PLMN or PNML of the Service. You will see two codes that you can enter on this website, which shows you information about antennas and communication servers in real time. Thus, you can locate the stations on the map, knowing what your mobile is connected, and the great thing is that this option includes mobile antennas and other deceptive systems.

“To use these codes you should only write them as if you were dialing a new phone number, and pay attention to the information you will see on the screen.”

“Remember that the security of your Android phone depends to a large extent on you. Use secure messaging systems, and do not download or open content misleading.”

Finally, remember that the security of your Android phone depends largely on you. It uses secure messaging systems, does not download or open deceptive content, and avoids to communicate by any electronic means information such as personal data, schedules, credit card numbers or bank accounts.


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