The Advantages of Living Alone


Are there benefits to living alone? Are there rules in your first bachelor’s department? What are the advantages of this way of life ?. Come here and learn to live with yourself.

Advantages of Living Alone

The Benefits of Living in Loneliness

Living alone can seem like something youthful, those first years after graduation, and it perceived as a solitary, sad way of life, the last resort for extreme situations. However, today there are more and more people who choose to be in solitude, not for lack of family or loved ones, but to seek personal growth and happiness.

This is may be a choice because you just moved to another city to study or a new job and you do not know anyone there. Or maybe you live only because you are coming out of a divorce or separation, or your children have grown up and gone to start with their lives, and you have stayed home, with no other person to accompany you.

For whatever reason, and by choice or circumstance, living alone has many benefits to you, and learning to appreciate them as much as you can is what your “normal” life will do, a level of well-being and satisfaction that You had never experienced before.

What you gain from living in solitude

When you do not have a roommate, you are almost forced to face your thoughts and emotions. Surely it is pleasant to talk to someone at the end of the day, but when there is no one there, you are at the mercy of one of two ways: to know and share with yourself, or abandon yourself to the fear of loneliness and live connected to social networks, TV, and radio as companion.

But even in those cases, soon the permanent hum of artifacts loses its strength. Moreover, even those who fear to live alone and do so not by choice, but for environmental reasons, suddenly note that they are solely responsible for the choices of each life situation. Thus, it becomes a constant personal discovery, in the reaffirmation of your tastes and preferences, in the open the door to a degree of freedom that, also, allows you to enjoy more of the companion when it exists.

6 advantages of living alone

There is much to gain by experiencing this way of life for a short, medium or long time, to your choice:

1. You put your rules. Often in the world, we are subject to alien rules. We should dress in such and such a way in the office, listen to this or that music in the bars, watch this or that TV show when we live with other people. Instead, if you are alone, you do what you want when you want, and at your pace. You are the king of your castle!

2. You relate better to others. Knowing ourselves raises our self-esteem, makes us respect ourselves and make better decisions for us, and that inevitably ends up translating into social choices: you move away from those who do not do you good, and you surround yourself with people you appreciate, who Have fun and whom you want. Also, by sharing a little time with others (including your family and even your partner), you appreciate the timeshare more.

3. Develop the ingenuity. You do not have anyone to turn to at certain times, which means that if you have little free time per day to clean the house, you develop custom mechanics to do it in less time, as well as learn to solve circumstances and optimize your times. This even helps you save money!

4. Manage better. Again: by not having to delegate certain responsibilities, you learn to manage both money as well as time and resources better. You can create plans, make decisions and take better control of every aspect of your life (not to mention that you can give more tastes without blame because you know how your finances go and what your chances are).

5. You become more responsible.¬†Especially if you used to live in your parents’ house or with a person responsible for the responsibilities, being alone you face deadlines, payments to be made, things to fulfill, and soon you find ways to do it at the indicated times. Without realizing it, you suddenly become a responsible person in your life.

6. Make decisions. There is no one to consult or “ask for permission” for many of the day-to-day things, it is you who make the decisions !. You can better organize your life, complete your decoration, add technology, abandon certain services, buy the clothes you want, and decide everything about your home, your food, finances, activities and anything else. If you previously took 15 minutes to read the menu in a restaurant, when you learn to live you will only see that decision-making is efficient and fast, a new “natural” practice in your life!

Living with the companion is an excellent way to build relationships, especially when you start your family. But in most other circumstances of life, even if you have a partner, living in solitude can be a decision to your well-being, even if it were for a short time.


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