Tips to Improve Floral Ornaments


Here we tell you some ideas for your centerpieces and floral ornaments to look fantastic.

Tricks to Improve Floral Ornaments

Tips for Making Beautiful Floral Ornaments

Having fresh flowers at home is a good pleasure. It improves our mood, perfumes the environments, and brings exciting colors to the soberest of decorative styles. But it’s not just about placing the stalks in water and now: you have to apply some tricks to improve the floral ornaments and highlight their beauty, also prolonging their company.

In this note we tell you some tips to achieve splendor in your vases and centerpieces, to make them look just spectacular.

1. Height and dimensions

If you are going to place the floral ornament on a small table and without other uses, you can play and give it a considerable size. But if you are going to display it at the dinner table, you must take into account the height and dimensions of the piece, so that it does not interrupt the view of the diners or that they take the necessary space for the dishes and the food.

To remove volume to floral decorations, simply trim the stems and remove the leaves, inserting them in a floral sponge if you prefer to keep a more striking form. Conversely, if you need to give more volume to the centerpiece, add buds and green leaves, or else varied foliage to the sides, creating a kind of mattress around the flowers to give more body to the base.

2. Improve floral stalks

Depending on the vase and the type of flower you may want to have the stalks in sight or hidden. Always remove the leaves that are immersed in the water, not only for aesthetics but also for health: These usually rot and affect all the components. To leave the stems in sight, it will suffice to use colorless vase and tall vases. If you want to prolong the length of the rods, insert a piece of plastic straw, or a green shade similar to the stem.

To minimize the length, remember to cut at an angle always under the water, thus lower the height of the ornament. If the stems are not attractive enough and you do not have opaque or colored vases, there is a trick to improve the flower arrangement: cut a large leaf, or several medium (though broad) leaves, such as ivy, from your garden. Wash them, cut off their hard stems, and roll them up so that their upper face is inside the vase and against the glasses as if it were an inner covering. This will help you hide plant sponges, uneven stems and other details, including straws (if you had used them).

3. The water

Remember to renew the water of your vases and glasses daily, adding one to two drops of chlorine or bleach to disinfect them and prevent decay. For more durable flowers, once every two or three days make a small cut at the base of the stem, removing about 4 to 6 millimeters, to renew the rods. You can also improve the color of your flowers if you add to the water a few drops of vegetable coloring for gastronomic use, to dye the liquid.

With these tricks to improve the floral arrangements, you can show centers of table or vases with a great look, giving a unique touch to highlight its splendor.


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