Tips to Improve Wifi Signal


Do you have many problems with your Wifi signal? Here are some tricks to improve the connection between your devices.

Tips to Improve Wifi Signal

Tips for Improving a Wi-Fi Connection

Having a wireless connection at home can become a real headache if you do not take into account some essential points that make possible a better distribution of the network in one or several rooms. For this reason, we have prepared this tutorial with a handful of tricks to improve the WiFi signal.

What should be a simple task can become a frustrating experience, especially if you have a very wide bandwidth but the reception of the signal is bad. Is there something wrong?

There are many factors involved in the intensity level of a wireless network, whether the location of the router, the position we are in, and even the orientation of our team. To give you the best technical support, here are a few tips to improve a WiFi connection.

Change the location of the router

It seems an insignificant detail, but it is not. When the router is not in the correct location, the signal is likely to be interfered with or arrive with less power. Therefore, one of the first steps to having more WiFi signal is to find a neutral position for the transmission to be equitable.

For example, if you decided to place the router inside a room, try to place the device in a central area, not the end. Do not do it on a shelf or under the bed. If the length of the cable is short, it is preferable to buy an Ethernet cable to place it in the proper position.

Place the second router

If the problem persists and you still receive little signal, then consider setting the second router. It recommended in homes where they share the same equipment for several rooms and floors.

The function of the second router is to set a new access point and act as a signal distributor. To do this, just connect the two LAN ports of both devices and enter the configuration to select the new model (it will only take a couple of minutes).

Now, turn the two router back on and try to connect normally. The signal reception must have increased considerably.

Other tricks to improve a wireless connection

In case you did not know, there are certain gadgets specially designed to improve the wireless connection and enhance the quality of transmission in your devices. For example, there are integrated antennas that be adapted to the model of your router, as well as repeaters that work more efficiently than a second router.

If you are looking for something more home-based for lack of budget, then you can create your aluminum foil enlargement antenna. Remember that materials like metal placed behind the router antenna and oriented to the side you want to boost can expand the signal.

Last but not least, a trick to improving the Wifi connection is to check the current version of your router software, perhaps an update can correct any flaw. You do not lose anything with trying.


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