Tricks to Take Creative Pictures With the Phone


You do not have to have a professional team to get creative photos. Here are some very original home tricks to create pictures.

Homemade tricks to take photos with the mobile

If you thought that to obtain incredible images it was necessary to equip yourself with a series of modern and expensive accessories, you are mistaken. Here are some tricks to take creative and amazing photos with a smartphone.

If you have a smartphone with a good camera, then you already have almost everything you need to become an artist. The other condition is to let your imagination fly to overcome technical limitations.

It is that technology has made great strides in the mobile phone industry, turning a terminal to make calls into a powerful communication and entertainment machine. Now you have the tool, now test your creativity with these homemade tricks to create incredible photos without investing a fortune. Let us begin!

1. Creative photos from a balloon with helium

If you do not have the resources or budget to afford a drone that takes panoramic captures, then a good alternative to get creative pictures is to use a helium balloon.

Too easy! Just stick your phone with duct tape on the balloon and tie it with fishing thread to prevent it from cluttering in the photo. Now, wait for the balloon to begin to ascend as you release the rope slowly. Of course, remember to activate the camera timer or remote trigger so that you can take photos from a privileged angle.

2. Homemade Filters for Making Amazing Photos

If you get bored with Instagram filters and want to try something different, then try testing them with real-time filters that will give you a more natural and impressive result.

What should we do?. After fixing the angle of the camera of your smartphone put sunglasses in the front of the lens tinted in different shades for a retro effect.

Although the idea is excellent, it is important that you do not abuse this method. Usually, it is recommended to wear dark glasses when the area that we are going to capture is very bright. You will have a great time!


3. Cardboard trick to create original photos

Another good home method to create creative is to use a piece of cardboard with a hole. The idea of this method is to add a unique effect to our image, superimposing the cardboard to add a touch of antiquity.

Remember that the hole must be proportional to the camera lens of your mobile, and of course, the piece has to be a dark color. The secret to a good photo is to make a harmonious combination of shades.

Additionally, you can make a cardboard frame to create a Polaroid effect in your photos. The difference with the rest of the images is that you yourself will give the protagonism to the object you want to capture, placing the frame in a specific element. The result will be great!

As you can see, there are many homemade tricks to create incredible photos with your mobile . Do you dare to share your secrets?


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