Vaseline as An Ally of Beauty: Nourishes, Repairs and Strengthens


Although we may think that the more expensive something is, the better quality it has, it is not always the case. In the world of beauty, we have many examples of this kind. Even celebrities use little home-made tricks to be resplendent.

One such case was found in Jennifer Aniston. The actress confessed on one occasion that she used Vaseline as an eye contour to hydrate the area to the maximum and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. But besides this use, there are many others of the Vaseline (liquid) that we are going to tell you today in

Vaseline For Your Hair

Although at first, we may think that applying Vaseline to our hair can generate fat or spoil our hair, nothing further from reality. If you have the tips open you can solve it by smearing a little Vaseline over the area hours before washing your hair.

Vaseline to Kill Dry Skin

On occasion, we have offered you different tips or tricks to take care of dry skins. Well, now we add one more tip. You can apply a little Vaseline on elbows, knees, heels or the roughest areas of your body and with a tendency to dryness when exiting the shower.

Vaseline To Moisture Your Skin

If petroleum jelly is a good ally of dry skins, it is also good for all skins in general. Thus, you can moisturize your skin with petroleum jelly when leaving the shower favoring its smoothness and smoothness, keeping young and healthy the appearance of your body.

Vaseline As An Exfoliant

We have also offered you different ‘recipes’ to make homemade scrubs. Now we suggest you mix the Vaseline with a little salt or sugar and spread the mixture on your face or your body to exfoliate the skin. In addition, you can also extend it by your lips and then rub them gently with the toothbrush.

Vaseline As A Makeup Remover

Although it sounds very rare, another of the uses of Vaseline is as a makeup remover. Put a small amount of liquid petroleum jelly on a cotton pad and spread the producer on your face and neck. Then rinse your face and apply your usual cream. You will notice your skin much softer.

Vaseline For Your Hands and Nails

As for the hands, Vaseline has different uses. In addition to keeping your hands much less rough and dry, on your nails acts as enamel so that they are bright and healthy, in addition to having them more resistant and avoid the appearance of cuticles.

Vaseline For Your Eyelashes and Your Eyebrows

In the same way, you can body your eyebrows by applying a little Vaseline on them before combing them. For its part, apply a little of the product on your eyelashes before going to sleep to keep them strong and moisturized always.

Vaseline To Increase The Effect of Your Perfume

Finally, petroleum jelly can also make your perfume last much longer. Spread a little product in the area where you go to perfume and then apply your fragrance. You will have a much more lasting effect.


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