What Are the Engine Parts of a Motorcycle and Its Functions?


If we are introduced to the world of motorcycles and used this means of transport, as usual, we are aware of the importance of proper maintenance mechanics for our safety. If we do not master the subject, the best thing is for us to leave the issue in the hands of professionals. Anyway, with the objective of satisfying the curiosity and to know better our companion of adventures, in uptodatetrend.com, we explain what the parts of the motor of a motorcycle are.

Bike engine part and its Functions

Cylinder head

The cylinder head is a part of our engine that is built in different materials depending on the model: cast iron, light alloy or aluminum. Its function is basically to serve as a closure for the combustion chambers of the engine. We can also hear terms like engine head or cylinder cap to refer to this part.


The motor of our motorcycle can have from one to six cylinders, which are pieces of the form that gives its name, iron and that have to withstand jobs at very high temperatures. Its task is to serve as a track by which the pistons move. Popularly, it is said that the cylinder set is the engine block and, also, they are used as a reference to the power of the engine, citing the displacement.


The piston acts as a guide for the movement of the connecting rod and moves through the inside of the cylinders, from top to bottom only, while the movement of the connecting rod is also left to right as it moves up and down.
Its shape is cone-trunk and constructed of materials such as cast iron, steel and aluminum alloy or nickel and cast iron. With its movement, it manages to pass the energy of the combustion gases to the connecting rod.

The Connecting/Piston Rod

The connecting rod, for its part, acts as a link between the piston and the crankshaft. Due to the movement of the piston from top to bottom, it moves in the same way and, also, by its elongated and narrow form, from left to right, transmitting the dynamism of the piston to the crankshaft. At present, the material is that it is made of steel, aluminum or titanium.

The Crankshaft

It is an axis with elbows and counterweights to which the connecting rods are attached, and that moves in a coordinated way with these and the pistons. The rotational movement of the crankshaft is already transmitted to the wheels of the bike.

The Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are parts that are already part of the engine ignition system of our motorcycle. Specifically, with a spark, they generate the ignition of the mixture of fuel and air in the cylinders.

The Engine Valves

On the other hand, other essential parts in the motor of our motorcycle are the valves, since its role is to manage the entrance and exit of air and fuel to the combustion chamber and, also, of the expulsion of the gases that this one generate. A check of your state will allow us to know if the combustion process is working correctly in the engine


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