Why Green Tea Is So Healthy And The Healthiest Drink In The World


Do you interested in the topic Green Tea? Then you are exactly right: On this green tea overview, I will tell you what green tea is, why it is so healthy and what effect it has on your body, how to prepare it properly as well as 9 important tips and tricks, Which you should pay attention to when preparing green tea.

What exactly is green tea and why is it so popular?

Green tea is an exceptionally healthy premium from nature. The Asians have been swearing for thousands of years on the health-promoting effect of green tea and drinking it daily for health care. In China, it is the medicine or the means for a long and healthy life. Also, green tea is not expensive, easy to prepare and completely calorie-free.

The cultivation area says nothing about the quality of the tea, but about the taste: While Chinese green tea like the gunpowder usually has a slightly herb-smoky and flowery taste, Japanese green teas like the classic Sencha are characterized by a grassy-fresh, slightly tart Until sweetish note.

Although a coffee bean contains less caffeine than the same amount of tea, however, the coffee is ultimately double to triple to caffeine per cup, since one per liter requires about four times as much coffee powder as tea leaves. Also, the caffeine in tea unfolds its effect more slowly and also lasts longer. The longer the tea, the more tannins dissolve. These then bind the caffeine and do not release it in the body at once, but continuously for several hours, which means that it does not bite so much. Green tea also makes gentler and less nervous than coffee, because the contained amino acid theanine diminishes its stimulating effect.

Green Tea Is Healthiest Drink In The World

Who discovered green tea?

According to a legend, the Chinese drink tea tree leaves thanks to chance since 2,700 BC. At that time the wind blew tea leaves directly from the tree into the hot water filled mug of the Chinese emperor Shen Nung, who was thrilled by the refreshing effect of this drink.

How is green tea grown and what is the difference between green tea and black tea?

Both green tea and black tea originate from the leaves of the same plant, the tea tree. The difference between the two types of tea lies only in the processing of the leaves. While for black tea the freshly picked leaves are rolled and oxygenated or fermented by oxygen (the oxidation gives the black tea its dark color and its special aroma), the green tea leaves are gently processed and only briefly steamed, heated or Roasted, then dried in the air and finally rolled. The steaming prevents the oxidation of the tea leaves, whereby with green tea nearly all the health-promoting active substances present in the fresh leaf remain.

Green tea effect:

Why is green tea so healthy and how does it affect your body?

Green tea contains many valuable health-promoting ingredients, such as minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, and fluoride), traces of vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B2 and vitamin E) and traces elements (including zinc, copper, manganese and nickel).

Green tea contains more valuable tannins, that is, the abundant secondary crops such as polyphenols, as black tea, which also give it a richer taste, but at the same time also develop most of the health-promoting effects. In addition to a soothing effect on your stomach and your intestine, the flavonoid catechin epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is designed to lower myocardial infarction and stroke risk. Also as an enchantment against inflammation as well as cancer protection against intestinal, breast, stomach and prostate cancer ( Particularly against Darmpolypen, which can degenerate and then become colorectal cancer), high blood sugar, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. Also, it is said to be beneficial to diabetes.

The protective effect of green tea against cancer is emphasized again and again in particular. The numerous polyphenols, more precisely the epigallocatechin gallate, act as an antioxidant and thus as a cell protection. It releases hazardous free radicals and is designed to prevent damage to the hereditary substance and to inhibit the formation of blood vessels, which inhibits tumor growth. Free radicals, ie harmful degradation products in the cells of your body as a result of the metabolic processes, which can arise mainly due to too much sun radiation or UV rays, smoking, stress, environmental stress or even through sport performance, are important with their release for the function of the cell Molecules like the DNA. This leads to a constantly growing accumulation of damaged cell components, which in turn causes the aging process and can also trigger dangerous diseases such as cancer. Epigallocatechingallate acts like an anti-wrinkle cream on your skin because it prevents free radicals from penetrating into the skin, causing wrinkles and aging them faster.

With green tea, you can also prevent cardiovascular diseases such as a heart attack or a stroke as it lowers the bad LDL cholesterol. Also, it keeps the oxidation process of the cholesterol, which can lead to sedimentation of vessels or vascular occlusions. However, you should drink the tea without milk, because it prevents the positive effect of the vessel relaxation.

The fluoride also cures your dental fuse and protects against caries. This effect is also supported by the polyphenols, which inhibit the enzyme amylase present in the saliva, which converts starch into sugar and can thus cause caries. And since green tea does not contain any calories and boosts your metabolism and fat burning, it is also a good choice for those who want to lose weight.

Green tea preparation:
The step-by-step guide for the perfect preparation of green tea

Step 1 :
First, boil (as soft as possible) water in the water boiler and allow to cool to a temperature of at least 70 to 80 degrees, but still cool to 95 degrees. The tea can be bitter by too hot water, but the boiling with hot water, on the other hand, improves the extraction of the health-promoting polyphenols. Under no circumstances should the water be colder than 50 degrees, since the solubility of the tea constituents and thus the valuable ingredients deteriorate considerably.
Step 2 :
Now add about four to five teaspoons of loose tea to one liter of water in a teapot or teaspoon per cup. The dosage, however, is taste and varies from variety to variety.
Step 3 : It is
Usually recommended pulling green tea for a maximum of three minutes to avoid too many bittering substances. But they are healthy! For this reason, let green tea take ten minutes to release as many tannins as possible. Also, the tea has a more stimulating effect with a pulling time of up to three minutes and a calming effect with a pulling time of five minutes.
9 important tips and tricks that you should be aware of when preparing green tea
  • Drink only (loose) organic tea, because-because of the strict legal regulations and intensive controls does not contain pesticides. The higher quality the tea is, the lower it is also stressed because the high-quality teas grow in high positions, where there are only a few pests and therefore also little pesticide exposure.
  • Instead of simply pouring tea into a tea filter rather than a tea egg, the leaves and the taste do not develop here.
  • To achieve the maximum health effects, you should drink one to two liters of green tea daily.
  • Green tea you can usually pour two or three times, high-quality green tea even up to four times. Some tea drinkers prefer the second infusion. Although this tastes a little more finely, it also contains less healthy ingredients.
  • Do not drink green tea at your main meals or within the first hour after the meal. Otherwise, the intake of iron from your food may be reduced by half. Because the tannin contained in the tea has such a strong connection with the iron that your body can no longer use the iron.
  • Do not give milk in your green tea or black tea. Because the contained cases neutralize the vascular, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of the catechins.
  • Lemon juice or lime juice, however, you should add green tea because this prevents the catechins that are contained in the tea from disintegrating in the intestine during the digestion without having any positive effect on their health. So that the catechins are better digestive and can be better absorbed by your body, the subsequent addition of a small amount of lemon juice into the cooled tea is recommended.
  • Protect your tea to protect the valuable ingredients, well-closed, dry, cool and odor-free, preferably in a well-closing tin, made of metal, porcelain or plastic.
  • Beauty tip: You can even make your skin care product with green tea. Put the cooled tea in a bag and place it as a pack on your (swollen) eyes. Or pour the bag first with water and pour it over linseed, which can then be gelatinized and cooled as a mask to put on your skin – that has a cooling and soothing effect.


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